Veneer is a unique product of nature, on which are visible marks of a tree such as growth rings, the knots on the tree, the natural structure and the colour of the tree. Veneer represents the most valuable that can be produced from wood. Experts produce veneer only from the highest and most valuable trees. When the tree is older, the veneer is more attractive and has more powerful character.

Veneer is obtained in the process of “peeling” the trunk of a tree in thin layers, called slices. Raw chipboards and MDF boards are faced with the veneer of oak, beech, ash, maple, cherry, zebrano, wenge and walnut. The surface layer of the veneer is processed with fine grinding. In production, a natural veneer of A quality is used for the upper surface and B quality for the bottom surface. The thickness of the joint veneer is 0.6 mm.

The veneered and MDF board has a wide application in the production of furniture. They are manufactured in thicknesses from 4mm to 29mm.