MDF panels are medium density boards (up to 700 kg / m3) made from fibres and produced by dry processing technology. In Serbia, these boards are popularly known as “medijapan” or “mediapan”, because the company “Mediapan” from the place called Busovača (BIH) first started producing such boards. MDF boards are used in furniture production and interior furnishing. Thanks to its qualities, primarily the processing capabilities, they represent an adequate replacement for wood.

It is suitable for coating with laminate, melamine foil, veneer, as well as for tongue and groove method of fitting.
Deep router grade MDF are high-quality boards with equal fibre density across the entire cross-section and special adhesive for a larger hardness of the board. This material is easier to process, has a smooth surface, and absorbs less colour when painting.

We can offer boards of standard dimensions in size, 2800x2070mm, and 4mm to 40mm in thickness, and panels of non-standard dimensions at the request of customers. Also, in our assortment are one-side or double-side coated panels, with dimensions in size of 2800x2070mm and 12mm to 19mm in thickness, as well as moisture and fire resistant MDF boards of various sizes and thicknesses.